We’ve all worked on that project, the one we said we would keep small but slowly grows and grows into some kind of monster.

We say we’ll focus on polish, we say we’ll stop changing the design, or the art, we say it will be out next month, but we do need to add that new feature, we’re just bug fixing now.

And so, it goes on and on.

Well lets beat the brain drain, lets focus on completing projects and keeping ideas fresh.


What is UglyJam? it’s a game jam duh! but in the broadest of senses.

The idea:

1 Subject
1 Month
Aim to make something releasable.

This months Jam:
Simple Scoring System

The loose spec:

Make a game with a scoring system that can only progress 1 at a time.

My entry:
(or professor tappy taplab’s tapping lab)


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Finish a Project in a Month (of spare time)



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