An idea is easy, a finished product is tough!

I make a lot of things, I like trying new ideas and currently I find it very hard to settle on an idea to finish.
The current tough as nails mobile market amplifies this greatly, and when you’re a spare time indie you really just want to be working on something you think has some appeal.

Here’s the concept for a motorbike game I pretty much finished, but never released.
I will try get a video of it up sometime, it was pretty fun, I actually even made about 40 levels.

The main reason I never finished it is that I thought it would have exactly the same issues my first game ‘Pocket Moto‘ had. Hard to describe the USP (unique selling point) of it that would make it get media attention, and probably not pretty enough either.

Overall it was a perfectly fun and cool game, but there are literally 1000’s of cool and fun games out there fighting for attention. Now you really need to stand out from the crowd, or find a nice niche market that is calling for your game.

So it is doomed to my folder of unfinished work, never to see the light. oh well.



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