Yes Sensei – Playable Web Demo

install unity web player

Can you impress your Sensei and survive his mystic challenge! *p.s it may stick on 100% for a little bit when loading, just wait a bit
Hold [SPACE] to Spin! Release [SPACE] to Let go. Hold [SPACE] in the Air to Tuck!

The Idea

I have been interested in quirky physics driven games for awhile, and set out to create something like Bennett Foddys QWOP or Backflip Madness. I quickly knocked together a prototype of a Gymnast swinging between two poles in a night, had a few people playing it, and it was fun!

The Reality

Swinging between the poles was satisfying, doing a few flips and spins, building momentum, it felt smooth!

But it was HARD! Did I want it to be hard? Kind of, not ridiculous, but not easy either.

I adjusted and tweaked everything, getting it to feel non-random. Tweak, play, tweak, play, tweak, play. Finally, it felt pretty good, then I upgraded to UNITY 5.

All the physics broke!

Pushing Forwards

It took some time to get it working again, but it never felt quite right. Unity5’s physics just weren’t as good.

It felt harder than before, so I started playing around with things that fixed your rotation in the air, pushed you towards the next pole, corrected when you let go too early. It made it much much easier, but it didn’t feel smooth, and it felt strange and not as satisfying. So I ripped it all out again!

Unity 5 just had some real physics issues I couldn’t get past, add to this some of the plugins I was using were not upgraded to Unity 5 yet, this project was becoming troublesome.

It was hard getting it feeling as good as the first prototype!

Time to Evaluate?

I had spent a few days contextualising the world, a Mystic Ninja style helps explain lots of floating platforms and deaths.

I made a few levels, and had people play them, was it too hard, were they frustrated, or were they bored.

Now was a good time to evaluate if this project was worth continuing, as I wasn’t even at 40%, I still had levels to make, SFX to do, Menus, art, etc. And on top of that marketing, promoting, etc.

Maybe if I upped the violence, or made it so hard it was impossible, it could get a niche following.

The Bin

I decided to add this to my pile of unfinished “gems” and push on with something I am more interested in.

I would say their is definitely a fun little game here somewhere, but I just couldn’t see how anyone would get excited enough about it to want to talk about it.

My advice is to always try and wrap up projects and get something out there, but as a part time indie if you lose the passion for a project, and there is still a long way to go, call it quits.

*I actually quit this one a few months back, but the web player export was broken in that version of Unity 5. Only now is it working again, so I went back, got the project working again (damn random Unity) and quickly knocked together this web demo.



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